Enjoying God #Party_Like_A_Prodigal – Ps L Mthethwa

2015-04-05 12.33.28We often have this theoretical idea that God is to be deeply respected. It is logical for us to serve God, pray to Him, study about Him, to worship Him and also to pay our tithes to Him. But enjoying Him is much harder to understand.

What is your understanding of delighting yourself in the Lord?

One thought on “Enjoying God #Party_Like_A_Prodigal – Ps L Mthethwa

  1. Samke Jali says:

    I’ve recently felt a strong desire to ask God to be my best friend. The idea literally kept me up all night just thinking of the fun I would have having a constant companion. Discussing everything with the confidence of knowing I wont be judged, that I wont hear my innermost thoughts repeated by an unknown source…that’s what delighting myself in God means to me.

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